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Episode 3: "Los Angeles Sucks (water and oil)"

(This page still being tweaked and updated, but here is where you will normally be able to find the most recent recording.)

Have you got any idea what happens when you move to the middle of a tectonically-active desert region and then start sucking enough water out of the ground to pretend that you're NOT living in the middle of a desert? Well, you will after this episode! Today's paper is about problems this causes with trying to keep track of earthquake-related activity in the Los Angeles region.

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Episode 3 Show Notes

(I'm working on a feature to have the individual notes appear along with the embedded audio at the appropriate times, but it's not ready yet.) (The show notes are ALSO embedded in the audio file as a "comment" if you need them later.)

(The "Album Art" photo is "Regadío en el desierto" (Irrigation in the Desert) by "Daquella manera" on Flickr.  It appears to actually be 
in Arizona somewhere rather than Los Angeles.  Perhaps the water being bluish instead of brownish gives it away?...  Anyway, original photo
can be found here: >http://www.flickr.com/photos/daquellamanera/446395020/ )

00:16 (Intro Music: "Final Countdown" by DJ Eagle (available at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/84848 ))
00:47 I hereby claim ownership of "podstipation".  Aren't neologisms fun
01:08 I STILL am not sure how he/she/it/they kept getting in...must have been MAGIC...
02:28 Bowden G, Thatcher W, Stein RS, Hudnut KW, Peltzer G:"Tectonic Contraction across Los Angeles after Removal of Groundwater Pumping Effects"; Nature; 2001; vol412; pp812-815
03:17 Real geologists - please feel free to post or email corrections to this explanation as necessary.
04:17 The previous study in question: Argus DF, Heflin MB, Donnellan A, Webb HF, Dong D, Hurst KJ, Jefferson DC, Lyzenga GA, Watkins MM, Zumberge JF:"Shortening and thickening of metropolitan 
Los Angeles measured and inferred by using geodesy";Geology;1999;v23#8;pp703-706
(I must confess I haven't had a chance to actually read THIS paper for comparison yet)
05:13 That's "Santa Ana/Anaheim" - the "/" is silent.
05:39 Some of the groundwater recharge comes from the Los Angeles region shoving used water back into the ground when they're done with it...
05:58 Is this the first use of the word "Squooshed" to describe a geological phenomenon?
06:04 Well, I'm kind of ASSUMING it's "quite a bit" in geological terms - it's like a 25% difference- but we're only talking about a couple of millimeters per year.
07:02 In other words, Los Angeles sucks almost three times as much (on average) as the amount it's getting squooshed by implacable geological forces!
07:39 I'm probably not formally qualified to say that this is "THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF ALL SCIENCE (Science...science...)", but I'm doing it anyway
08:20 They even have their own journal - now called the Journal of Biological Psychology, but it USED to be called "Worm-runner's Digest"...
( Wikipedia entry here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Worm_Runner%27s_Digest )
10:10 If it weren't for these pesky ethics, I'd be trying to make and sell"homeopathic magnet water"...
10:55 Papers regarding things like "Heat-fixing" of bacteria and the Gram stain, for example.
11:45 (Outro Music: "Hardcore Fantasy" by cheshyre (available at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/59610 ))
12:30 (That rumbling is SUPPOSED to sound like an earthquake...don't know if that's coming through...)
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