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Episode 2: "Bio-Boogers"

(Episode 3: "Los Angeles Sucks (water and oil)" is here!)

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(The "Album Art" photo is "She Slimed Me", by "Jurveston" on Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jurvetson/131023758/ )

00:12 (Intro Music: "Final Countdown" by DJ Eagle (available at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/84848 ))
00:51 Wilson D: "How to Survive a Robot Uprising" ISBN 1582345929
01:26 Ding WK,Shah NP:"Effect of Various Encapsulating Materials on the Stability of Probiotic Bacteria";2009;J. Food Sci.;vol.74 #2; pp M100-M107
04:50 For your copy-and-paste pleasure: de Man JD,Rogosa M, Sharpe ME:"A Medium for the Cultivation of Lactobacilli";1960; J. Appl. Bact.;23; 130-135
05:32 I'm pretty sure that the Hasbro corporation, owners of the "Play-Doh(tm)" trademark, don't actually make microfluidizers - it's just an analogy
08:05 -=Executive Summary=-
08:55 Yes, including you...
09:27 Yes, "Fecal Transplants".  Ewwww.
09:33 You're welcome.
10:10 If you're not familiar with this kitchen gadget, a "French Press" is a device for making coffee or tea.  It's
A glass cylinder with a fine wire-screen plunger.  I suspect you could "plunge" the ingredients together 
repeatedly to get a sloppy substitute for the microfluidizer processing.
10:18 Larger volume:surface-area ratio, you see...
11:26 It actually turns out to be an interesting and fairly rational paper relating to regulatory policy and whose
experiments involved volunteers drinking substantial quantities of beer...
11:45 The pun works better than you might expect: her post-graduate work has involved quite a lot of stratigraphy,
which in turn involves shoving probes down deep holes into "the bowels of the earth"...
11:51 Yes, A REAL one, which although it's quite old IS still considered correct.
12:06 http://bigroom.org/stirfry  You can also directly get to the announcement posts and comment pages at
12:24 (Outro Music: "Hardcore Fantasy" by cheshyre (available at http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/59610 ))
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